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How Can I Become An Observer?

1. Get your Latitude and Longitude Coordinates for the application to be completed in Step 2. Write them down. (Note the Longitude will be a "-" negative value on the website. When filling out the application you do NOT have to include the negative sign.) You may also use a GPS device or other map generating sites such as LatLong.net. If using Google Maps, right click on your location, then choose "what's here" in the popup menu and the coordinates will appear in a popup box. Consider choosing or switching to the "satellite" view to pinpoint your exact location.

2. Fill out an application HERE

3. Order a rain gauge

The standard 4" diameter/11" capacity rain gauge can be ordered from the supplier of your choice. However, two vendors are recommended: Ambient Weather and WeatherYourWay. These sites also have additional CoCoRaHS merchandise.

4. Complete the Training Exercise

5. Log in to your account and join the family of CoCoRaHS observers!